You should aim to get comfort from your home office. After all, it is in your home, and it should be one of the greatest advantages of working from home, apart from skipping the daily commute. However, you also need to aim to get the most productivity out of your home office to get daily tasks and overall career goals accomplished. 

If you are looking for helpful home office ideas for decoration, here are a few to get you started.

1. Choose the right location

Selecting the right location for a home office will eliminate the constant urge to move about and save you time and resources. You may want a quiet space far from common areas that can be distracting. Your home office must provide the same amenities your corporate office did, including quiet access to a computer and excellent internet connectivity, and space to interact professionally with colleagues and clients on video conferences. 

2. Fake a window with wall art

You do not have to despair if your home office does not have access to some natural light. It may seem dark and drab, but you can use this opportunity to create a window to whatever exterior you want. Hang an image made up of several canvases to create the illusion of a window. The image can be that of a beach, your own outdoors, or any other setting. 

3. Invest in a comfortable chair

The home office is not the place for the stool. You rarely use or chair the kids outgrew. You must invest in a chair that has sufficient back, neck, and arm support. Otherwise, you risk severe backache, strain, and other pains that will not help your productivity. Your chair should also have a 360-degree swivel and casters for movement. Ergonomic home office furniture may seem costly, but it is a better alternative to health problems. You risk getting down the line. 

4. Accessorize your storage solutions

If you work with plenty of documents, files, and books, then home office modern storage is a must-have; otherwise, your desk will be piled ceiling-high with items that you do not need on the daily. A huge metallic or wooden box will serve the purpose but will make for a massive eyesore. Instead, go for unique and trendy filing cabinets and bookshelves. 

These come in multiple colors, materials, and colors. As you shop among the best products for home on, consider your office’s size to ensure you have sufficient space for your files and enough left for moving about.

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5. Create sufficient space for everyone that needs to work

The home office should not have to be for one only. Make use of space, time, and resources by providing ergonomic chairs and desks for everyone in need of a home workspace. Less bulky desks and chairs are the better options here to avoid feeling cramped into one space.  

6. Incorporate a color pallet with your favorite hues

Decorate your home office with pieces and accessories in your favorite color. Look for varying textures and hues ranging from soft to bold plus neutral whites, greys, and blacks to make your home office design truly vibrant. Wall art, paintings, throw pillows, and rugs can help bring in those dramatic color changes to boost your morale.

7. Get the right lighting

Whether you have natural light or not, you will need additional home office lighting to avoid strain while working on a computer or with documents. Use pendant lights, wall sconces, or smart bulbs to provide sufficient lighting. 

8. Bring in some live plants

Live plants will liven up your space, bringing in their brilliant green color and hint of nature. Plants will also improve air quality in your office, making them the perfect home office décor companion. 


The best thing about designing your home office is adding whatever oddities you want to make it fit your personality and bring out your creative side. The tips above should help you balance comfort, functionality, and productivity to make working from home a fruitful experience.

What other ideas do you have? Please share them in the comments section below.

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