What is the best gaming headset? We tested various wireless and wired models (USB and conventional, with a 3.5 mm jack). The list includes both the cheapest and premium headphones, designed for real music lovers.

Be sure to adjust the equalizer and adjust other sound parameters. Not only playback quality but also the depth of immersion when starting PC games will depend on this. We tested only the new and best models from leading manufacturers, including brands such as Turtle Beach, Razer, HyperX, SteelSeries, Sennheiser, and others. Everything so that you can figure out which headphones to choose and whether they are suitable for specific purposes.

4 Best Gaming Headphones

Under the best gaming headset, everyone understands completely different things. Are you looking for universal headphones to not only listen to music in them, but use them to watch movies, games? Maybe you need huge “ears” with which you could close yourself from the outside world or a model with the most natural sound transmission and noise isolation “from the outside”? Do wires bother you? And if so, how do you feel about wireless models?

How important is it for you to purchase gaming headphones? If you are guided by the sound quality and not other characteristics when choosing, it makes sense to buy a professional headset along with a desktop microphone. So you can not only scold your teammates, but also enjoy the chicest sound transmission for the money.


Average price: $144.99

The Sennheiser guys don’t forget that they are well versed in high-quality audio, and this is clearly the case with the GSP 500. The open design creates a spacious sound profile that makes listening and sound definition easy, whether it’s a game or just music. Although this is not the cheapest gaming headset, the GSP 500 impresses with its quality.

The assembly is excellent, the functions are solid, and the sound quality has virtually no analogues in the gaming industry. The price may be too much an obstacle for some users, but in return you get a fantastic gaming headset from one of the most reputable audio companies.


Average price: $192.04

Asus imposes serious competition on the market thanks to the TUF Gaming H3. The output of the Corsair HS50 certainly impressed everyone, but due to the extra comfort, the Asus TUF Gaming H3 takes the crown of the best budget gaming headset for itself.

TUF Gaming offers a pleasant and peppy sound profile, suitable for most shooters, as well as for any fast game. The microphone also provides a clear sound that your teammates will enjoy.


Average price: $399.00

Mobius fantastically uses detailed planar magnetic membranes to create gaming sound. Forget about dubious tricks with 3D sound and head tracking, these headphones are great thanks to real-life auditory experience.

The latest Audeze headset is a worthy replacement for the excellent Oppo PM3. And, despite the high price, this is actually a pretty good price for planar-magnetic headphones.


Average price: $124.71

The model was specially designed for gamers and music lovers. Using their ten-year experience, Game On has launched a headset on the market of professional devices that can reproduce sound with incredible accuracy. If you want to turn the volume to maximum to check when the music starts to distort, be sure to remove the headphones from your head.

Otherwise, you risk damage to the eardrum. Another point worth mentioning when it comes to Sennheiser GAME ONE is the open model. So you are waiting for a sound leak from the headphones and vice versa.


 AUDEZE MOBIUS has been at the top of the gaming headset charts for many years. The product is fully immersive 3D gaming headphones designed for high-end PC gaming. They are worthy winners, and other manufacturers must convince users with something truly special in order to surpass AUDEZE MOBIUS.

However, thanks to SENNHEISER GAME ONE, you don’t have to spend huge sums to get truly great-sounding gaming headphones. It is a fantastic option if you don’t have enough funds to spend on headphones.


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