Wanting a person is not measured in objects. It is measured in complicit smiles, in spending time with her, in embracing her and listening to her when she needs it and in making her see that she can count on you for everything she needs. If in addition to demonstrating in your day to day that you love your father, this article will serve you if you are thinking of finding a good detail or gift for him to improve and take care of his memory. Whether it’s a gift for his birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day or simply because you want to have a detail with him, you will find many interesting alternatives.

Here we leave you with 10 gift ideas that will inspire, help and care for the memory of your loved one:

  • Board games, games friendly with dementia

Board games are a great activity to create social connections in the attention of memory. Some games may be too difficult for your father at this stage, so it is best to look for board games that have been designed and thought for people with memory and dementia problems. With these games you will keep your father’s mind active, and you will also be giving him a reason to stay socially active at the same time.

  • Comfortable and heavy blanket

Dementia can often cause anxiety. If you notice that your father is noticeably more anxious or that he is starting to have depression or insomnia, one thing you can try to give him is to get him a heavy blanket. Heavy blankets have a calming effect and are very comfortable. They can help you sleep better and reduce the stress you experience.

  • Digital photo frame

You can buy a digital photo frame and put in it a variety of photos that will change every bit. This way you will have hundreds of photos that you can see at any time. Best of all, it does not take up space and you can remember all your loved ones.

  • Contact photos on the Smartphone

What do you do if you want your father to know that you are close and that they can contact you easily? You can add and bookmark phone numbers that your father can call most. Add a photo to each of those contacts next to the button that you must press for each one. That way, you can get in touch with your circle of people closest to him by just pressing a button when you see his face. That way he will always keep you in mind.

  • A comfortable sweatshirt or jacket

It is a simple gift, but practical. A sweatshirt is comfortable and easy to use with minimal assistance.

  • Documentaries of nature

Nature documentaries are a good entertainment option since they do not require attention with difficult plots to follow. Documentaries of nature and animals are very relaxing.

  • Simple music player

Everyone loves music, and it’s especially powerful for people with dementia, but technology can be difficult for some people to use at this stage. It is best to find a very simple music player that is designed for people with dementia. You can put the music you know you like.

  • Sun lamp

A good sun lamp is the best birthday gift that can help improve your father’s mood in his room and set his internal clock. This lamp could help reduce the effects of Sundowner syndrome. If your father ever gets depressed or in a bad mood during the winter, this gift can help with the seasonal disorder.

  • Talking photo album

The family photos are a nice reminder of the people who love you. However, for people with dementia, it can be increasingly difficult to remember the face of the person. One way you can help your father get more out of the photos you give him is by putting them in a talking photo album. These albums will allow you to record a message on each page of photos, so that you and other family members can record reminders of who he is and how much they love him.

  • Favorite food

If you know that your father has a favorite food and you know that it is very unlikely that he has it or can have it, you can make it one day and take it to eat together. By eating our favorite food it gives us beautiful memories; from our childhood, from celebrations, from birthdays … and bring back those beautiful memories will make you create a special bond with your father. Just make sure you follow a recipe that does not go against any of the dietary recommendations that your doctors have made.


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