The world has entered into a new era of technology, an era of innovations and dynamic changes. Mobile phones being one of the biggest inventions. Today humans and mobile phones share an inseparable relationship. It has to turn out to be an absolute necessity for every individual. Everything has come at our fingertips, be it looking to know the time or searching for a date. We do not prefer using the clock or physical calendar. Imagine coming home after a monotonous day at work, and you desperately adjure for rest, but you have to set the alarm for the next day, switch off the Wi-Fi or put your phone in silent mode. What if you had someone or some application that could perform all of these tasks? Android has got beyond everyone’s imagination. Tasker is an android application developed by João Dias. João Dias first developed Tasker, previously Crafty Apps EU, in 2010 to enhance user’s experience of automation and make life uncomplicated. This amazing app is available for all android users on the play store for $ 3.60 or ₹ 270 with a trial version of 7 days. With the help of a tasker, one can virtually do anything and everything with the venerable automation tool, i.e., from saving a device’s battery life to controlling a smart home with just your fingerprint. You can very well customize the smartphone according to the specific needs of every individual. For more information, you can avail the use of this content.

The first one needs to download the app, open Tasker, select the Profiles tab, and then tap the + button in the bottom-right corner. From there, you’ll be prompted to add your first “Context,” which is a trigger that will cause your profile to become active and execute a task.

There are six options available in the PROFILES section, i.e., application, day, event, location, state, and time. One of these options can be selected as a trigger action.


This is the very first option under the PROFILES section. Once this option is selected, you can use the features of pre-installed apps on your android device. After that, you can select one or more apps based on the task to be performed.

By default, after selecting the apps, the app will perform the given task in the foreground, i.e., when the selected app(s) is opened, it will show the task associated with that particular app(s). Furthermore, the invert option enables the job to run in the background.


Next in the list comes the “DAY” category. Upon selecting this option, you will be prompted with a calendar-like view, and the tasks registered here can be programmed to run on a specific day(s) or month(s).

 Further customization, like specifying the days you want to run the task, such as only on weekdays or on alternate days, is also available. This is available in the drop-down menu. Months can also be managed in the same way so that your summer vacation needs are taken care of.


Moving on with the list, we have something that translates to magic in automation jargon, i.e., the “EVENT” category. It can be triggered at minute changes in the cell phone stats. For example: when the battery drains by 5%. You can also understand more with this link on how to enable and edit events.

This category consists of many options such as system category, device boot, sensors (gravitational, proximity, etc.), display off, etc.

Instead of scrolling through all the available options, you can use a filter to select the most appropriate option. For instance: It facilitates triggering the “Send Text” function specifically at 10% battery, and an alert message is broadcasted to specific contacts.


Next up is the “LOCATION” option. It works according to the features of GPS. It can perform very complex functions. For instance, it can change the volume setting if you are at work or school and again back to the original once you reach home.

Location can be added manually by long-pressing the location that is to be selected on the location display. You can also use the current location feature that automatically detects the present site. Next, the Radius option allows choosing the sensitivity or accuracy of the location.


Going down the list, “STATE” is the next category. This is similar to the event category but differs in the length of an occurrence. For example, the device’s battery at a particular time is an event while getting a call is a state.

So this means a state change can be an option to trigger an action, and it will come back to the original state once the state changes to routine. The state category consists of a sub-menu. Several options are available based on the device’s hardware, software, and connectivity capabilities. You can use a filter option to find the most suitable trigger action. Once the state is selected, State Edit allows even more details and rules.


Last but not least is the “Time” option. This usually sets different modes in the device based on time. Example: setting the alarm at night at a specific time for the next morning or controlling the device’s volume for some time. There is sub-level customization such as “From,” “To,” “Every.” Every option is; used to set a task to recur over a long period.

Apart from these predefined features, third-party applications can be installed; and used to enhance the automation experience.

Smart mobile phones are incredible innovation which can replace the numerous essential things throughout everyday life. One of the models is the production of use for estimating distance, which helps in determining distance, height and much more!

Here are probably the Best measure distance applications Android/iPhone 2020, which may help you in estimating distance, good height ways starting with one point then onto the next on a guide and so forth.

Measure Distance Map 

Measure Map logo Measure Distance Map is a helpful application that you can use for a wide range of judgments. It gives precise outcomes and is incredibly simple to use.

With it, you can measure the distance between two items or focuses ANYWHERE ON THE EARTH. The rule of activity here is basic. You may click on the required point on the guide to put the first and the subsequent imprints. You will see the departure between these two focuses quickly on the presentation.

You can likewise locate an all-out distance developing a progression of areas. At least three imprints is expected to gauge a territory.

The valuable highlights of the application:

  • You can make calculations in meters, kilometers, nautical mile, feet, and miles, yards;
  • Or if you measure a zone – in meters², kilometers², feet², nmi², yards² and sections of land;
  • Save estimations and view the historical backdrop of imprints to go to it on the guide rapidly;
  • Support a few guide types: Normal, satellite, territory, mixture.

GPS Field Area Measure 

It is Best measure distance application Android/iPhone 2020 and it is the trust of a large number of individuals with best appraisals. GPS Field territory measure is a free application that enables you to assess your field as you need: quantifies the distance, edge or region and offer it with your partners. It is extremely exact and precise and can use to get the distance between the articles, decide the property lines and discover the definite zone of the field. It permits viewing the region in a huge number of units, including sq. feet, sections of land or kilometers. It tends to utilize both on the web and disconnected and can impart updates and predicting to your companions. Download it currently to make your distance estimation simple.

Measure Map 

Measure Map will help to rapidly and effectively measure different distances, edges, and territories with high precision! You can use this application for little or enormous zones and offer your outcomes.

That is the thing that Measure Map is for. It’s an incredible compact estimating instrument that fits in the palm of your hand. Presently your gadget can furnish you with totally exact measurements or distances. With a single tick, you can make estimations with stunning exactness dependent on satellite symbolism. And this is speedy and easy.

Distance Measure 

This application lets you measure the point – to – point distance between at least two waypoints on a guide or measure the surface territory characterized by a polygon having at least three focuses as its corners. It utilizes online maps so it needs a web association. You can pick between kilometers, feet/yards/miles and nautical miles. The choice menu likewise lets you decide to go to spare/reestablish view.

Planimeter light for measure 

A planimeter is a device to gauge distance a territory on the map. It can gauge anything obvious on the satellite guide, similar to a yard, wall, ranch, street, rooftop, etc. It can gauge distance and territory. It underpins measure away, polygon, star or circle. It bolsters measure different regions at the same time. It underpins zone units like a foot, nautical mile, mile, inch, yard, meter, and kilometer. It incorporates visual record rundown and you can spare and share the outcomes.

GPS Area Measure 

It is a great distance measure application. It figures the GPS territory or GPS distance with the best accuracy. You can look over an assortment of units, including meters, feet, and miles. You may likewise discover the distance between the numerous focuses on the cheap assignment help UK map. If you have to figure region of nation or city you can without much of a stretch ascertain region by this application. Ascertaining enclosure estimation likewise goes exceptionally simple now with GPS territory estimation number calculator. It likewise gives you the office to discover the course between two focuses on the map. You can spare the focuses throughout the entire existence of GPS territory or distance determined.

Brilliant measure 

It is near the Best measure distance application. It is the selection of a large number of individuals with the best judgments. It quantifies the distance and size of the objective using trigonometry. Its use is straightforward. It quantifies in-unit meter or feet. Its primary element incorporates virtual skyline, screen catch, the audio effect on/off and material plan. It has no advertisements. It has 3 apparatuses for a distance that is one brilliant ruler, one shrewd measure and a keen distance. Download it presently to gauge the distance and stature of an article with your Smartphone.

Distance and zone estimation 

It is Best Measure Distance application Android 2020. It is the selection of a large number of individuals with the best estimates of 4.2. Presently you can use your telephones worked in GPS to quantify the territory of a locale. This app can help you while walking or driving around a district to gauge its territory. The way length is estimated also. A huge number of individuals are getting advantages from this application. Download it presently to assess distance in a simple manner just by strolling or driving.

Measure Distance Map 

It is likewise a decent measure distance application and been downloaded by a huge number of individuals with great estimates. It props distance adding machines to discover the distance between at least two focuses anyplace on earth. You can likewise develop a composition of the area to discover all-out distance. Distance results will be yield in meters, kilometers, nautical mile, feet, and miles, yards. It supports to rapidly change map types: Normal, satellite, landscape, crossbreed. It supports organize at your position.

EasyMeasure-Camera Distance Measurement App 

This app has been downloaded by a huge number of people. It uses the camera focal point of your android gadget to show you the distance to objects. It causes you to discover how far? How tall? How wide? For example, measure distance, stature, and the width of items. It is easy to understand interface with #D motor. It measures distance like a tape ruler and can be refreshed to gauge the stature and width of articles. You can share your outcomes by email, Facebook, or twitter. Download it now and offer your estimation results with companions.

AR Ruler 

AR Ruler application is roulette that estimates using increased reality (AR) innovation, so it isn’t introduced on telephones with an Android form lower than 7.0. To begin, you have to focus on the distinguished flat plane. The rangefinder work measures the good ways from the gadget’s camera to a predetermined point.

The principle highlights of the application:

  • Measurement of straight measurements in the exact and metric units;
  • Automatic calculation of the zone, edge, and volume of articles and premises;
  • Calculation of the distance voyaged;
  • Accurate ruler for estimating the parameters of little items.


You can make a plan of the landscape or item in almost no time. The application is valuable both for estimating practically any room, and you don’t have to expel furniture and different things.

Highlights of the application:

  • Export PDF, PNG, and DXF records;
  • Works in a 3D picture;
  • A drawing with exact measurements and the capacity to send it with a single tick by e-mail, in the messenger or on the social network;
  • Measurements can be performed without pointless efforts, using a video recording on your gadget.

The application is a genuine finding for different pros, draftsmen, inside fashioners, just as well as handymen!