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With the increasing number of cybersecurity threats, the information security industry has become very wary. Cybercriminals have been launching attacks at data centers belonging to schools, governments, financial institutions, and corporations.

This issue is further compounded by the fact that the industry has a severe shortage of professionals working in the industry. Those who are given the task of neutralizing these considerable threats. One thing we know for sure is that cybercrime is here to say, and as we continue to rely more and more on technology, so can we expect the amount of crime in this area to increase.

As technology becomes more advanced, the cybercriminals level up to meet the new challenge. These cybercriminals are becoming increasingly more ambitious and with that, IT leaders must devise a long-term plan to counteract this threat. Proper cybersecurity processes and planning needs to be implemented along with an Incident Response Plan (IRP), so that IT professionals know how to properly respond to a threat.

One question that a lot of company executes and IT teams like to ask, is what kind of threats should companies be most on the lookout for? Below is a list of 5 of the most common threats, so at the very least, cybersecurity professionals should be aware of these things.


1. Cloud Abuse

Unfortunately, despite its many benefits, cloud storage is still susceptible in its own right. One of the biggest concerns is that Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which provides the functionality, lacks a proper secure registration process. What does this mean? Well, providing you have credit card details, and a key, to sign up, you can immediately get onto the cloud, with very little hiccups.

This simplicity is both a good thing and a bad thing, as it makes it easier for malicious individuals to <a href=”https://www.compuchenna.co.uk/what-is-spam/”>spam the service</a>, and carry out cyberattacks.

In order to minimize this threat, it’s best that cloud service providers develop some kind of registration and authentication process. They also want to be able to monitor credit card transactions. Network traffic must be thoroughly analysed and evaluated to minimize the threat of cyber abuse.

2. Phishing

Phishing is a low tech method to access a network, which is one of the reasons why it’s so popularly deployed. For the end-user, a phishing email looks no different from your average everyday mail. However, when the unsuspecting individual clicks on a link in one of these emails, malware is immediately loaded onto the system that the user is using, allows cybercriminals to access sensitive data on the network.

SaaS services like Salesforce, Slack, and Office 365, are so heavily used, that hackers are forced to rise to the occasion, by deploying more sophisticated tactics. Whether it’s in their social engineering skills, impersonations, or ability to create more enticing offers, to get the unsuspecting victim to do whatever it is, they want him/her to do.

3. IoT Attacks

Internet of Things (IoT) is growing in its use and popularity, each and every day. IoT is included in everything from tablets, to desktops, to laptops, to mobile phones, to webcams, household appliances, routers, automobiles, manufactured goods, medical services and appliances, smartwatches and even home security devices. However, the more devices you have connected to one another, the greater the risk, making IoT networks, big targets for cybercriminals. Once a hacker is able to infiltrate one of these IoT devices, he/she can overload a network, steal sensitive data, or lockdown an essential device, for financial gain.

4. Hacking

Hacking is one area of cybersecurity that we’re all aware of. Hacking is a trend, that we can be certain, will not differ anytime soon, so what are the kinds of measures, one can take to minimize this obvious threat? As IoT becomes more popular, this creates more weak points that hackers can exploit in computer systems. Since, in most cases, hacking is the result of shared credentials, and access to sensitive data like passwords, refraining from giving out such information is a good first step. For service providers, they’ll want to implement some kind of restriction towards the sharing of data. Additional steps, involving the tracking of employee activity can also be deployed, to ensure that no unauthorized activity takes place. 

5. Endpoint Attacks

As we witness more and more companies move towards the cloud, the attack surface for these cyber criminals increases, creating more avenues for exploitation. With more companies now adopting a “bring your own device” policy, for their working environments, utilizing SaaS platforms, with regularity, hackers now have a larger target area of which they can pursue, which in most cases has weaker security.

The biggest challenge is devising a way of securing these personal devices and off-premises systems. Endpoint attacks are deployed by cybercriminals, quite regularly, to gain access to much larger networks, which they use as bridges. By deploying a strict policy, which mandates that all endpoint devices meet a specified security standard before they are given access to the network, enterprises can maintain much greater control over these areas of exploitation. This, in turn, should make it easier to block attacks from cybercriminals, as and when they are attempted.


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As a business owner, are you struggling for your digital presence? If yes then, you will have a website and you are providing quality content regularly. But this is not enough to run your business through the internet smoothly. As there is fierce competition in the market, almost every business is striving towards the same goal. In this case, your website needs a consistent improvement in providing unique quality to web clients and maximum web traffic. This requirement causes the need for SEO services as it’s various types help your business in making a stand out among your competitors.

Hire an experienced consultant in SEO USA as they will offer quality and pocket-friendly services to improve your business. Make sure they optimize your website by practicing different types of SEO in the right direction. Yes, you can do SEO by all means and you will get results but you can’t prevent them from Google algorithms. There are multiple services that each SEO company offer to their clients. They can be code optimization, making customized links, paid search, organic search, online reputation management, and social media marketing.

These services help websites achieve the highest ranking on the SERPs and enhance brand value as compared to competitors. Your responsibility is to check the credibility of the SEO service providers and calculate their time of goal achievement. But the all-important practice is to have enough knowledge about the types of SEO services that can improve your online business. If they are doing your web SEO according to these types, they are good for you. Do you have any idea about it? Do you know what these SEO kinds are? If no, this blog is for you. Let’s have a look!

On-page SEO

This type of SEO displays everything a web visitor or reader can see during his visit to your website. The majority of the web visitors go to your web blog post section whenever they land on your website. Mostly, web traffic comes to your site for getting relevant knowledge. If they don’t get what they need, they will leave your website. According to recent research, web visitors take at least 15 seconds when they don’t get from your website what they need. Practicing on-page SEO is highly essential for getting a maximum lead on the website.

It is necessary for every SEO agency to include the practice of on-site SEO. It will make your content highly qualitative and informative. Even on-site SEO is easy to practice SEO type that you can also do it by your own.

Web improvement not only about creating engaging content but also it is about solving all issues create problem in ranking the website. Make sure the information you are using in your web content must be worth sharing as there are lots of options available for web visitors outside your website.

Keyword’s addition in your website content is also the necessary part of on-site SEO. It would be the best practice if you add your keywords in the content title, URL, first paragraph, and at least on your page.

Off-site SEO

This type of SEO is a little bit trickier in terms of practice than on-site SEO. Off-site SEO means optimizing the website from the backside. If you are thinking about link-building and backlinking, you are right. It is the most significant and difficult part of SEO. Your website must have a maximum number of links that help in bringing visitors. It will increase your web content’s value and make it authoritative for every web reader.

But this result needs great hard work. Your website must have authoritative links that put them from the most relevant websites. Otherwise, it will drain all your efforts for website optimization and its highest ranking on the SERPs. You can’t estimate the effect of a single link that’s why it is better to find the one that will give your web ranking a solid boost.

The use of social media is an integral part of off-site SEO. All social media channels are the best source to link your website and driving maximum traffic. When people go through the different accounts of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media networks, search engines take it as an opportunity to help people. That’s why you will have to bring an engaging and intuitive content link to your website on social media pages. As a result, your website will welcome the bulk of huge traffic of the website and your SEO work will also progress well.

Technical SEO

This type of SEO services is the sub-type of on-page SEO. It is unique and helps in dealing with different on-page factors. It handles the things that go on behind the scenes. It may include the website’s accessibility of mobile devices, loading speed of web page, and dealing with that website that Google penalize as a result of ranking algorithms.

Image optimization, HTTPS security connections, information collection, loading of web speed, adding detailed sitemaps, and other factors of technical SEO will help you in optimizing your website.

Blog description!

Let’s say you are a promising entrepreneur. You have a website and are delivering quality web content to drive the maximum number of web traffic on it. Despite this, your website needs regular improvement and you can do this by hiring the best SEO services. Make sure their SEO practices will be according to all types of SEO. They are On-site SEO, Off-site SEO, and Technical SEO. There are other subcategories according to which they have to do SEO and optimize the website. The whole process includes the backlinking, image optimization, website loading speed, and web links on social media

In simple words, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the optimisation for your website to improve search engine rankings. An SEO expert practice variety of strategies to drive traffic to your website by improving the organic search engine rankings (SERPs) of the website. These strategies include on-page and off-page optimisation, link building, search engine friendly website design and development, and search engine friendly content creation and much more. There are two ways to do SEO either in the right way ‘White Hat SEO’ or in the wrong way ‘Black Hat SEO’. Let’s discuss how it works. 

Black Hat SEO for Businesses:

Black hat SEO is a way of optimisation which is not acceptable by Google, in other words, it is against the current Search engine guidelines. Black hat SEO techniques include characteristics that break search engine rules and regulations such as keyword stuffing, plagiarised content, invisible text and links, buying backlinks and much more. Practising black hat SEO gives you short term quick result in an unethical manner.

Website’s with black hat SEO may eventually be banned, de-indexed or place lower position on search rankings. Hence, this affects the reliability of your website and affect your customer’s trust.

Keyword Stuffing– Adding keywords in the content is excellent but over targeting keywords without knowledge can lead to black hat SEO. 

Plagiarised Content– Adding plagiarised content on your website is also the part of black hat SEO that can affect your website ranking.

Buying Back Links– There are sites from where you can buy backlinks, but they are not relevant always. This can affect your search ranking instead of helping.  

White Hat SEO for businesses:

White Hat SEO is different from black Hat SEO it aims to serve people with unique and original content and improve ranking. Practising white hat SEO promote accessibility under the search engine guidelines. It follows all the ethical SEO practices and focuses on readability, relevance, originality and much more. White hat SEO is more practice by those who want to make long- term investment and attracts more audiences on websites. It helps to change people’s perception by gaining their trust and offering reliable, unique content. 

Relevant content– White hat SEO require relevant, unique and informative content with proper placement of keywords will not only improve your search ranking but also helps to attract new visitors.

Keyword Research– it is the core of white hat SEO. Using long tail keywords related your business and services lead your business on top on search engine rankings.

Backlinks– Incorporating relevant and high-quality links on an individual posts/pages helped in ranking a site. It directs search engine bots to discover links to your site and crawl your site effectively.


Above mentioned are some of the relevant White Hat SEO practices that can take your businesses on top by improving SERPs and attracting new audiences on your website. This is why many marketers are opting White Hat SEO for better performance, quality content and much more instead of Black hat SEO. Now you are more aware of both kind of SEO practices so, get in touch to a trusted SEO expert and ask him about White hat SEO for your business.