In simple words, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the optimisation for your website to improve search engine rankings. An SEO expert practice variety of strategies to drive traffic to your website by improving the organic search engine rankings (SERPs) of the website. These strategies include on-page and off-page optimisation, link building, search engine friendly website design and development, and search engine friendly content creation and much more. There are two ways to do SEO either in the right way ‘White Hat SEO’ or in the wrong way ‘Black Hat SEO’. Let’s discuss how it works. 

Black Hat SEO for Businesses:

Black hat SEO is a way of optimisation which is not acceptable by Google, in other words, it is against the current Search engine guidelines. Black hat SEO techniques include characteristics that break search engine rules and regulations such as keyword stuffing, plagiarised content, invisible text and links, buying backlinks and much more. Practising black hat SEO gives you short term quick result in an unethical manner.

Website’s with black hat SEO may eventually be banned, de-indexed or place lower position on search rankings. Hence, this affects the reliability of your website and affect your customer’s trust.

Keyword Stuffing– Adding keywords in the content is excellent but over targeting keywords without knowledge can lead to black hat SEO. 

Plagiarised Content– Adding plagiarised content on your website is also the part of black hat SEO that can affect your website ranking.

Buying Back Links– There are sites from where you can buy backlinks, but they are not relevant always. This can affect your search ranking instead of helping.  

White Hat SEO for businesses:

White Hat SEO is different from black Hat SEO it aims to serve people with unique and original content and improve ranking. Practising white hat SEO promote accessibility under the search engine guidelines. It follows all the ethical SEO practices and focuses on readability, relevance, originality and much more. White hat SEO is more practice by those who want to make long- term investment and attracts more audiences on websites. It helps to change people’s perception by gaining their trust and offering reliable, unique content. 

Relevant content– White hat SEO require relevant, unique and informative content with proper placement of keywords will not only improve your search ranking but also helps to attract new visitors.

Keyword Research– it is the core of white hat SEO. Using long tail keywords related your business and services lead your business on top on search engine rankings.

Backlinks– Incorporating relevant and high-quality links on an individual posts/pages helped in ranking a site. It directs search engine bots to discover links to your site and crawl your site effectively.


Above mentioned are some of the relevant White Hat SEO practices that can take your businesses on top by improving SERPs and attracting new audiences on your website. This is why many marketers are opting White Hat SEO for better performance, quality content and much more instead of Black hat SEO. Now you are more aware of both kind of SEO practices so, get in touch to a trusted SEO expert and ask him about White hat SEO for your business.


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